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On-Board Tuition

Learn to Sail

You are invited to help sail Whitebird as much or as little as you want during your holiday.  If you are interested in the art of sailing, Mike is an excellent and willing teacher who can explain things as we go and, hopefully, answer all of  your questions.  This is a service that we are happy to provide free of charge.  It is, after all, a sailing holiday and we will be delighted to help you discover what an exciting adventure sailing can be!

Please be assured that many of our passengers like nothing better than lying back and relaxing whilst the crew do the sailing. The greatest excitement might be jumping off the boat (whilst at anchor!) for a cooling swim by day, or splashing amongst sparkling plancton by night.

If you have some sailing experience, you might want to discover the joys of sailing a catamaran whilst enjoying the spacious lifestyle on-board.  You might need to log your hours, for example, and Mike will be happy to endorse your log book.

Learn to Navigate

Tuition fees for navigation are US$50 per hour. The lessons will mostly happen on an ad hoc basis as and when we go sailing, together with answering your questions as your knowledge base grows. We would anticipate tuition for up to 4 hours in total over the course of your holiday.

Mike will teach you both electronic navigation using our GPS system and how to get to where you want using a paper chart. You will learn about tides (fairly minimal in The Caribbean but still having an effect) and how to compensate for  the local effects of ocean currents, which can be very strong.

Digital Photography Tuition

Need help learning how to use your camera?  How to download? How to save? Or perhaps you’d like some tuition in composition?  Mike is here to assist.

Other areas with which he can help, include preparing your images for printing or for the internet using Photoshop or Picasa.

Tuition fees for photography are US$75 per hour.



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